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Philip Sidney

1554-1586 ,  English poet & courtier
Philip Sidney-English poet, courtier, scholar, and soldier, who is remembered as one One of the most prominent figures of the Elizabethan age. His works include Astrophel and Stella, The Defence of Poesy and The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia. He died young fighting for the Protestant cause against the Spanish. After his death, he became for the very epitome of a Castiglione courtier: learned and politic, but at the same time generous, brave, and impulsive.

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Commonly they must use their feet for defense whose only weapon is their tongue.

The only disadvantage of an honest heart is credulity.

Every base occupation makes one sharp in its practice, and dull in every other.

No is no negative in a woman's mouth.

A true knight is fuller of bravery in the midst, than in the beginning of danger.

If you neglect your work, you will dislike it; if you do it well, you will enjoy it

They are never alone that are accompanied with noble thoughts.

A fair woman shall not only command without authority but persuade without speaking.

My dear, my better half.

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“Fool,” said my muse to me.
“Look in thy heart and write.”

The ingredients of health and long life, are great temperance, open air, easy labor, and little care.


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