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David Lloyd GeorgeEvery man has a House of Lords in his own head. Fears, prejudices, misconceptions - those are the peers and they are hereditary.

—  David Lloyd George, 1863-1945, British Prime Minister [1916-1922]

Vladimir LeninFree speech is a bourgeois prejudice.

—  Vladimir Lenin, 1870-1924, Soviet revolutionary & leader

George Bernard ShawThe only man I know who behaves sensibly is my tailor; he takes my measurements anew each time he sees me. The rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them.

—  George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950, Irish writer, Nobel 1925

NapoleonThose who are free from common prejudices acquire others.

—  Napoleon, 1769-1821, French Emperor

Albert EinsteinCommon sense is actually nothing more than a deposit of prejudices laid down in the mind prior to the age of eighteen.

—  Albert Einstein, 1879-1955, German-Jewish physicist

Laurence J PeterPrejudice is one of the world's greatest labor-saving devices; it enables you to form an opinion without having to dig up the facts.

—  Laurence J Peter, 1919-1990, Canadian writer & educator

Ambrose BiercePrejudice, n. A vagrant opinion without visible means of support.

—  Ambrose Bierce, 1842–1914, American writer

Samuel JohnsonPrejudice, not being founded on reason, cannot be removed by argument.

—  Samuel Johnson, 1709-1784, English writer

Samuel JohnsonThere are, in every age, new errors to be rectified and new prejudices to be opposed.

—  Samuel Johnson, 1709-1784, English writer

Charles Caleb ColtonThe greatest friend of truth is Time, her greatest enemy is Prejudice, and her constant companion is Humility.

—  Charles Caleb Colton, 1780-1832, English cleric & writer

Will DurantHistory is mostly guessing, the rest is prejudice.

—  Will Durant, 1885-1981, American historian & philosopher

Karl JungNaturally, every age thinks that all ages before it were prejudiced, and today we think this more than ever and are just as wrong as all previous ages that thought so.

—  Karl Jung, 1875-1961, Swiss psychiatrist

William JamesA great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.

—  William James, 1842-1910, American philosopher

H.L. MenckenCriticism is prejudice made plausible.

—  H.L. Mencken, 1880-1956, American columnist & cultural critic

Movie Quotes

Apocalypse Now (1979)Terminate with extreme prejudice.

—  from the film Apocalypse Now (1979)


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