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Αγάθων, 450-400 BC ,  Ancient Greek tragic poet
AgathonHis first victory, in 416 BC, in the Great Dionysia was celebrated in a banquet in his house. The event was the setting for Plato’s Symposium.

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Ancient Greek

Every ruler must remember three things. Firstly, that he rules men; secondly, that he rules according to law, and thirdly, that he does not rule for ever.

Τον άρχοντα τριών δει μέμνησθαι: Πρώτον ότι ανθρώπων άρχει. Δεύτερον ότι κατά νόμους άρχει. Τρίτον ότι ουκ αεί άρχει.

Art favored luck and luck favored art.

Τέχνη τύχην έστερξε και τύχη τέχνην.

Of this alone, even god is deprived, the power of making things that are past never to have been.

Μόνου γαρ αυτού και θεός στερίσκεται, αγένητα ποιείν άσσ᾽ αν ᾖ πεπραγμένα.


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