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Μένανδρος, 4th cent. BC ,  Ancient Greek dramatist (New Comedy)
MenanderGreek dramatist, the chief representative of the New Comedy, was born in Athens. Very popular in his time, he was the author of more than a hundred comedies, most of which are lost. Only one play, Dyskolos, has survived in its entirety.

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Ancient Greek

He whom the gods love dies young.

Ον γαρ οι Θεοί φιλούσιν, αποθνήσκει νέος.

Respect old age, for it does not come alone.

Τίμα το γήρας, ου γαρ έρχεται μόνον.

Nobody loves anybody more than himself.

Φιλεί δ’ εαυτού πλείον ουδείς ουδένα.

The man who runs away will fight anyway.

Ανήρ ο φεύγων και πάλι μαχήσεται.

Silence alone is not an apology.

Μόνη σιγή μεταμέλειαν ου φέρει.

When the oak tree is down, all men take wood.

Δρυός πεσούσης, πάς ανήρ ξυλεύεται.

There is an eye of justice that sees everything.

Έστι δίκης οφθαλμός, ος τα πάνθ’ ορά.

Sea, fire and, the third evil, woman.

Θάλασσα και πυρ, και γυνή τρίτον κακόν.

Loans make slaves out of free men.

Τα δάνεια δούλους τους ελευθέρους ποιεί.

Time leads truth toward the light.

Άγει δε προς φως την αλήθειαν χρόνος.

The die is cast.

Ο κύβος ερρίφθη.

To make the same mistake twice is not wise.

Το δις εξαμαρτείν τ’ αυτόν ουκ ανδρός σοφού.

You live a good life if you don’t have a wife.

Βίον καλόν ζης αν γυναίκα μη έχεις.

If we have money, we shall have friends.

Εάν δ’ έχωμεν χρήμαθ’, έξομεν φίλους

What a wonderful being is the man if he is a man.

Ως χαρίεν εστ’ άνθρωπος αν άνθρωπος ή.

Health and intellect are the two blessings of life.

Υγεία και νους εσθλά τω βίω δύο.

A good wife is the salvation of [a man’s] life.

Γυνή δικαία του βίου σωτηρία.

Anybody who blushes is a good man, me thinks.

Πας ερυθριών χρηστός είναι μοι δοκεί.

Nodody knows what you think, but [everybody] sees what you do.

Ουδεὶς ό νοείς μεν οίδεν, ό δε ποιείς βλέπει.

While you do what you have to do, don’t pay attention to what the others are doing.

Πράττων τα σαυτού, μη τα των άλλων σκόπει.


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