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Francis Bacon

1561-1626 ,  English philosopher
Francis BaconFrancis Bacon, 1st Viscount St Alban, was an English philosopher, statesman, scientist, jurist, orator, and author. He served both as Attorney General and as Lord Chancellor of England.
He is remembered in literary terms for the sharp worldly wisdom of a few dozen essays; in constitutional history for his power as a speaker in Parliament and in famous trials and as James I’s lord chancellor; and intellectually as a man who claimed all knowledge as his province.

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Knowledge is power.

Money is a good servant but a bad master.

Death is a friend of ours; and he that is not ready to entertain him is not at home.

The age of antiquity is the youth of the world.

States as great engines move slowly.

But men must know that in this theater of man's life it is reserved only for God and angels to be lookers on.

Seek first the virtues of the mind; and other things either will come, or will not be wanted.

Silence is the virtue of a fool.

Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper.

“What is truth?” said jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer.

Prosperity doth best discover vice, but adversity doth best discover virtue.

Money is like muck, not good except it be spread.

Nothing doth more hurt in a state than that cunning men pass for wise.

Cure the disease and kill the patient.

If a man look sharply and attentively, he shall see Fortune; for though she is blind, she is not invisible.

Chiefly the mold of a man's fortune is in his own hands.

There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.

Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.

A wise man will make more opportunities, than he finds.

Discretion in speech is more than eloquence.

He of whom many are afraid ought to fear many.

In taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy; but in passing it over, he is superior.

Natural abilities are like natural plants; they need pruning by study.

Nature is a labyrinth in which the very haste you move with will make you lose your way.

A bachelor's life is a fine breakfast, a flat lunch, and a miserable dinner.

If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts, but if he will content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certainties.

There is no comparison between that which is lost by not succeeding and that which is lost by not trying.

Who ever is out of patience is out of possession of their soul.

Some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly.

Journeys at youth are part of the education; but at maturity, are part of the experience.

In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.

We rise to great heights by a winding staircase of small steps.

The root of all superstition is that men observe when a thing hits, but not when it misses.

Prosperity is not without many fears and distastes; adversity not without many comforts and hopes.

I usually accept bribes from both sides so that tainted money can never influence my decision.

The worst men often give the best advice.

A man that is young in years may be old in hours if he have lost no time.

Wives are young men's mistresses, companions for middle age, and old men's nurses.

If we do not maintain justice, justice will not maintain us.

Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is.

Man prefers to believe what he prefers to be true.

The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.

Age appears best in four things: old wood to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust and old authors to read.

It is impossible to love and be wise.

The remedy is worse than the disease.


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