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Rutherford B. Hayes

1822-1893 ,  American President [1877-1881]
Rutherford B. HayesThe 19th President of the United States (1877–81).
He became President at the end of the Reconstruction Era of the United States through a complex Compromise of 1877.
As President he ended Army support for Republican state governments in the South, promoted civil service reform, and attempted to reconcile the divisions left over from the Civil War and Reconstruction.

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He serves his party best who serves the country best.

The melancholy thing in our public life is the insane desire to get higher.

Fighting battles is like courting girls: those who make the most pretensions and are boldest usually win.

I have a talent for silence and brevity. I can keep silent when it seems best to do so, and when I speak I can, and do usually, quit when I am done.

Abolish plutocracy if you would abolish poverty.

The progress of society is mainly—is, in its proper sense, the improvement in the condition of the workingmen of the world.

One of the tests of the civilization of people is the treatment of its criminals.

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That's an amazing invention, but who would ever want to use one of them?

to Alexander Graham Bell after a demonstration of the telephone


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