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Aristotle Onassis

1900-1975 ,  Greek tycoon
Aristotle OnassisGreek shipping magnate, who amassed the world's largest privately owned shipping fleet and was one of the world's richest and most famous men.
He was known for his business success, his great wealth and also his personal life, including his affair with famous opera singer Maria Callas and his marriage in 1968 to Jacqueline Kennedy.

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If women didn’t exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning.

Every win is an injustice to someone.

The secret in business is knowing something nobody else knows.

The rule is there are no rules.

Never start a job, a battle, or a relationship, if the fear of losing overshadows the prospect of success.

At your work you must be serious but at life you must be crazy.

After a point, and so on, money stops to matter, it stops being the goal, the game is all that matters.

To be successful make sure you are tanned, live in expensive buildings, even if you have to stay in the cellar, go out to expensive restaurants, even if you can only afford one drink and if you have to borrow, borrow a lot.

I don’t have friends or enemies, I have competitors.

You are not truly wealthy unless you earn money while you are sleeping.

You will understand that if you make things easier for others you will earn their liking.

To be successful you have to act big, think big, and talk big.

The more you have the more you know you don’t have.

My law in business is to be the one buying not selling.

The best deals and the best sex happens outside of boundaries.


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